Saturday, 22 November 2008


Nice image, along with the meer cats and the burning car..(note to self_ future painting)

I think this blog could potentialy be a great virtual Artist sketchbook or 'VAS'. Crap what a geek, it's late, please forgive me/

I have just finished 'The Departed', incredible.  Love the Scorsese crash zooms! Poor Leo tho eh? I didn't see that coming, nor did he I guess/ I digress...good night all! Hopefuly some art will happen on this very space,  in the mean time_sleep/type and think. Fitter/ happier/ more productive/ comfortable/ discipline!  I shall now relax to Sounds of The Science Museum, Sorry 'Boards Of Canada', Love their industrial, futurist sound. I have to stop selling my soul and sounds!