Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Star Bores....And Cold sores....

Star Trek...not a fan, curled up in bed. Extremely frustrated, hurt myself playing football. It was a thrilling 8-8 encounter against some pretty repulsive bastards, that celebrated their goals prior to scoring!? Xbox Power League, maybe stick to Fifa 10, if I could afford it. Did sample guitar hero recently, love it, even if I am slightly crap at it. Anyway, I digress, after a morning in Homerton Hospital A& E, it aint broke, it's a bruised internal bleeding thing, so ankle is on ice, as is my art! Sorry guys, more pics and news to follow. My work's appearing in 'The Beautiful & The Damned' shortly, a multi disciplined street art-esque Christmas show@ The Bricklane Gallery London. Should be  happening next week, will post details!
Thankyou for being you! Seasonal tidings.Alxmas x