Thursday, 4 February 2010

Recognise that? thought not

Wtf is this? I'm no longer a Shoreditch native but 'Old Street' is certainly losing it's credibility and vintage stripes..the city is well and truly devouring our poor little creative hub, (The Foundry) that used to be the hangout of the too cool for and too old for - new/ school ; is being swallowed whole by the behemoth barons of  Londons' Property magnates. Isn't development meant to be positive, grime's being de greased, posters being digitised, do we really want such a clinical aesthetic to our cities? I don't thunk so....didn't enjoy...unless you're an uninitiated tourist. Mind you the council are being considerate to the Banksy on the rear of the building, 'preserving' it for future generations, it'll look good on the arse of this bronzed toilet bin!?